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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Well Whaea Lisa is the grumpy, mean Witch. Hmmm don't you just love her hat - She was chosen in the Life Education Caravan, go figure!!!


  1. Anonymous14/6/12 18:35

    Kia Ora C1! Looks like an exciting day of fun filled entertainment. I love the costume Whaea Lisa but think you should be a queen to go with the prince and princess. Lovely to see what your up too C1!


  2. Anonymous14/6/12 19:51

    Whaea Lisa looks scary elijah

  3. Anonymous15/6/12 18:09

    hi it tyla mum here man your scary

  4. Anonymous15/6/12 20:40

    hi it tyla dad you look cool

  5. Anonymous18/6/12 20:48

    What spells are you doing now whaea Lisa

    Whaea Sonia.

  6. Tena koe Whaea Sonia, those spells that make sure that our tamariki get their parents to check our BLOG. Hey and it worked!!!

    Nga Mihi

    Whaea Lisa

  7. Hey! Whaea, you look very evil.

    -Geraldine's Mum

  8. Anonymous19/6/12 18:30

    whaea lisa my blog does not have pageviews on it


  9. Hi Elijah,

    You need to log into your BLOG and go down to layout, go to add a gadget and this will open up, scroll down to Bloggers Stats, click on that and then add the button that you really like, save the setting and then have a look at your blog.

    Na Whaea Lisa

  10. You don't look grumpy to me. You need a wart on your nose, a broomstick and an evil cackle before i'll be convinced!

    The blog is looking great. Keep up the excellent work c2.

    Mrs Norton

  11. Anonymous17/7/12 18:39

    hello whaea lisa you look great and scary at the same time!



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