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Thursday, June 21, 2012

LIFE EDUCATION - With Bernie & Harold

Our brand new Prince & Princess at the Life Education Van. Prince Kiwa and Princess Riley.

Lady Manaia is looking to see what is in the red tower.

C1 engaged in their Life Education visit!

C1 is horrified at what sorts of chemicals go into cigarettes. We never knew that there were so many different things and these affect so many parts of our body. We need to make good decisions, we only have one body!

Bernie making a very good point to our children....read the sign she is holding aaahhhh!

Yah we have the 3rd gem. Ka pai C1.

Unfortunately for me (The Witch) I had to hand over my keys but ..... I got the gems hahaha


  1. Anonymous23/6/12 13:37

    Hi C1!.good job C1 you collect all of the gems. Kapai C1.

    By Ereis mum!

  2. Anonymous25/6/12 16:14

    hi whaea lisa and c1 i like the photos


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