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Friday, June 29, 2012

Update On Atapo

Hi C1. Atapo and I were really sad that we couldn't come to the Noho Marae with you all. As you can see in the photo below she wasn't very well and had to stay in the hospital for a couple of nights. I am pleased to say though that her and I were able to watch you from the playroom at the hospital. We could see Te Teira kicking the ball and Shaydy running around being chased by Whaea June!!! You all looked like you were having a fantastic time.
Atapo is now at home and returning to her old self. She has that cheeky grin again and is learning some new words like..."nah" and "Buster" (even though our dog is called Casper!) We hope you all have an amazing holiday, do lots of interesting and exciting things (even staying at home and hanging out with your parents is exciting). For those of you that have a BLOG you can put up some interesting posts about what you have been doing (remember safety rules...only first names & no ages etc) or add pictures. We look forward to seeing you when you return on the 16th July.

Nga Mihi

Whaea Lisa & Atapo


  1. Hello Whaea Lisa I missed Atapo awww very sad to hear about that!!!!
    We all had an awesome Noho Marae trip...

    Na Maraea
    Hope Atapo will learn more words...

  2. Hi Maraea, Atapo missed everyone too but we are so happy to hear that you had a great Noho. She looks forward to seeing you all in term 3!

    Na Atapo & Whaea Lisa

  3. Hello Whaea Lisa,

    I really missed Atapo. I am really glad that she's fine now, I hope she doesn't get sick again.

    Take care and have a great holiday! :))

    - Kristia


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