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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Uncle Mark


Greats 'n' Grand's day
I love my uncle because he has an amazing job, being a police man, he is also very funny and a talented person.
I remember when a I was staying for a holiday at my Grandma's house.
He knew I was there. When the next thing you know he crept up the veranda without a click and he shined the torch through the glass door. 
It was almost brighter than the sun, and then he started banging on the door like a maniac. He is the kind of uncle that plays tricks on me all the time.

My grandpa is awesome and I love him he has lots and lots of experience in life and he tells me storys to teach me things. I think that when I go to a place with my grandpa we will enjoy every second of it.

 I love my Nanny and Koro because I'm always there when they need me. My Koro works at Lockwood and my Nan works at Korowai Aroha. My Koro is very funny because when he tells us his jokes we always laugh. My Nanny is funny too,  they always show up to everything I do. 

 I love my Koro because he loves me and I love him for who he is. He always give me everything I want. My Koro will always love me and always care for me. Sooooo I love my koro.

I love my grandma because she is always kind to me and she helped me with my wearable arts gondola. Sometimes when I am struggling with my homework she will sit down and Help me. I also think grandma is the best in the universe

I love nan becausec she loves our family and she is kind and rich
On that day my aunty came. She had a great time. I tell everybody about her all the time at school and she loved hearing about everybodys stories and talking about their time at schoo l:) Everybody loved it.

I love my Nana because she spoils me and helps me with any problem and is always kind helpful and&nbsp honest. I love you Nanna!?!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Kapa Haka Regionals 2012

I have been talking about the Kapa Haka Regionals for the past couple of weeks with C1 and what the competition entails. I was lucky to be able to watch all of the Schools: Horo Horo, Rotorua Primary, Te Kura Kaupapa O Te Koutu, Rotorua Intermediate, Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Hurungaterangi, Kaitao Intermediate, Mokoia Intermediate, Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Rotoiti/Whangamarino, Western Heights Primary School and Te Wharekura O Ngati Rongomai.

It was an awesome day, with such awesome talent on show. I was very lucky to be there when the winner of the competition was announced. I hope that in two years time at the next Regionals, Glenholme School will be up on that stage as well, I can just picture it now!!!

Overall Winners:
1st.   Te Wharekura O Ngati Rongomai
2nd.  Kaitao Intermediate
3rd.  Rotorua Intermediate
4th.   Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Rotoiti/Whangamarino

Here are some photos of our daughter Maraea who was in the winning group Te Wharekura O Ngati Rongomai.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fatima's Nan

I love my Nan because she is part of my family. My Nan hunts and fishes. She used to work at Harvey Normans, Farmers and the Warehouse. She is the best.