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We are a class of Yr5 & Yr6 students. Our focus this year is to keep our blog regularly updated and really use all the ICT equipment that we have in our class effectively.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

How we use technology in C1.

IPODs, Ipads & Iphones in the Classroom


  1. Great slideshow, I love being able to take my time to flick through each page and read t my own pace.

    Your blog is looking fabulous C1.

    From Paula

  2. Thank you Paula. C1 have been working very hard to make sure our BLOG is looking good, and showing what we do with IT equipment. We absolutely love using an iPod, an iPad & iPhone.

    Nga Mihi

  3. Anonymous14/6/12 17:24

    Very neat pictures C1! Melissa Wallis


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